Welcome to AgingOptions

Creating Better Retirement Outcomes

Since taking his oath as a Washington attorney in November 2002, Rajiv Nagaich has dedicated his time and efforts to establish a highly specialized elder law and care management company. This decision did not come about by chance or coincidence; rather, it was a deliberate decision he made before even going to law school. After all, who could better empathize with those who seek help caring for a loved one than a man who has walked the walk of caring for aged and incapacitated family members?

Educating Consumers

Aging Options educates the public about the importance of comprehensive, coordinated, multi-disciplinary LifePlanning solutions. Our goal is to help retirees age in place, protect assets, and avoid becoming a burden to others. Seminars, webinars, online courses, customized planning, free resources, and the innovative LifePlan Organizer are just a few of the ways AgingOptions is helping America do a better job of planning for retirement.

Training Professionals

AgingOptions helps professionals who serve older adults develop a better understanding of the important role they play in their clients’ planning process, and how a proactive, multidisciplinary approach leads to the best outcomes. In addition to teaching professionals how to bring the revolutionary LifePlanning System to their clients, AgingOptions offers professional education and certification opportunities, a robust referral program, comprehensive marketing opportunities, and the ability to bring the LifePlan Organizer to their clients.

Connecting Consumers and Professionals

AgingOptions creates a marketplace for consumers and professionals united in their desire to create more successful retirement plans by approaching retirement planning in this more comprehensive way.

Making Things Better for Retirees

At AgingOptions, everything we do is dedicated to improving quality of life for older adults. If you are retired, thinking about retiring, or have a loved one who is, or if you are a professional that provides services to these groups, you owe it to yourself to learn more about what AgingOptions can offer.