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LifePlanning (Health + Housing + Financial + Legal + Family) = Retirement Success

When you go through the LifePlanning process, you’ll be shown how to identify the weak links in your planning, those gaps which will likely lead to the failure of your retirement plan. You’ll learn how to bridge those gaps and how to build a roadmap for success.

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Comprehensive Blueprint

No matter which option you choose to create your LifePlan, you will learn what proper planning looks like, and you will receive a blueprint you can use to map out every aspect of your planning. You’ll also get a timeline to work on each element of your LifePlan, in your own time and in your own way.

No More Uncertainty about Where You Will Live

A LifePlan will help you or your loved ones live peacefully in comfortable, familiar surroundings for as long as possible as your condition changes over time. If you never want to set foot in a nursing home, you don’t have to! Your LifePlan will see to it.

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More of Your Estate to Preserve Quality of Life

Your LifePlan will identify public and private payment sources for the care and services you need as your health declines, all while preventing your nest egg from being depleted by unplanned care costs. You’ll know how to protect your assets from other threats, such as creditor claims, estate taxes, property taxes, income taxes, and more.

More Family Sanity

When you have a LifePlan, there will be no questions about who will be organizing and coordinating your care, and you’ll be able to avoid recruiting family members into service as your unpaid caregivers. No one needs to give up their life because your plan failed.

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More Confidence in Professional Advice

A LifePlan gives you access to unbiased advice on a wide range of issues you’ll need to plan for all the variables in the aging equation, including when – or when not – to buy a long-term care policy, reverse mortgage, or annuity. 

More Confidence in Your Agents

When you upload your LifePlan to the LifePlan Organizer, you and your named agents will have unlimited access to everything they need to execute your retirement plan. The LifePlan Organizer is the only digital archive that allows you to create Manuals of Instructions for your agents, so they won’t have to guess about how you want them to manage your affairs.

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Creating your very own LifePlan starts with a membership to The Portal. There’s no easier or more affordable way to lay the groundwork for retirement plan success. 

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