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If something happens to you, will your family know what to do? Will your family waste valuable time, money, and energy trying to piece your life together? Will your lack of organization create a burden for those you love?

When you have the LifePlan Organizer, your loved ones will
have access to everything they need—all in one place.

Intuitive. User-Friendly. Powerful.

The LifePlan Organizer is your mission control for organizing all significant aspects of your life, including your health, housing, financial, legal, and family details. But its real power is in the Manuals of Instruction, which explain exactly what you want your family members or agents to do when you need their help.

Upload and store everything connected to your retirement plan.

Share your retirement plan with those who will be managing your affairs.

Assign access rights with family and trusted advisors.

View everything on demand on multiple devices.

Worried about online security? You can relax!

The LifePlan Organizer uses state-of-the-art industry-leading security technology to guard your data.

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Store More than Documents. Store Complete Guidance.

Experience the ultimate digital storage space, one where all the documents come with instructions.
That’s the power of the LifePlan Organizer.

Your Life. Your Plan. Your Way.

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