are on the way

Be on the lookout for new features and functionalities.

If you’ve purchased online services before, you already know that the capabilities you get today will be even better tomorrow as new features and functionalities come online. It’s the same with The Portal.

What else will The Portal be able to do?

Coming Soon:

  • Access Financial Statements

  • Pay Bills

  • Set Up Automated Communications

Do It All from the LifePlan Organizer

If you’re like many people, you are working with more than one financial institution, more than one insurance company, more than one attorney, or more than one healthcare provider. You own assets with titles, deeds, professional advisors, insurance policies, and details of their own. That means multiple accounts, multiple contacts, and multiple headaches because nothing is accessible in one place.

The LifePlan Organizer will give you a way to consolidate the management of your life while sharing access with your family members and agents. It’s easy for your agents to step in and run the show if something happens to you. In fact, it’s so easy that you will want to use the LifePlan Organizer to manage your own affairs now—long BEFORE anything happens to you.

Coming Soon:

  • Store Contact Information

  • Create Private Forums

  • Send Automated Emails

  • Leave Step-by-Step Instructions for Agents

Simplified Communications for You and Your Agents

The LifePlan Organizer makes communications simple, secure, and effortless for your agents and loved ones. Communicate in a secure manner without risking exposure to spam or phishing emails, and other hazards. Communicate with interactive messaging between selected loved ones. Put events on the calendar. There’s so much you can do!

Nothing makes communication more difficult than the stress of a family emergency, an unexpected illness or injury, or an untimely death. Let the LifePlan Organizer help you sidestep any potential misunderstandings about how you want things to be done. Your family will thank you!

Make Things Easy for Your Family

The LifePlan Organizer is more than just a way to consolidate management of your affairs. It's a gift to loved ones who will be asked to step in when you're no longer able to handle things yourself.