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Create a LifePlan, the Ultimate Master Plan for Retirement

Live out your years at home without going broke and without burdening your family.

70% of Americans Won't Achieve Their Most Basic Retirement Wishes.

This Doesn’t Have to Happen to You!

Despite doing exactly what their trusted advisors had told them to do—enrolling in Medicare, saving plenty of money, buying long-term care insurance, and creating an estate plan—70% of Americans will take their last breath in a hospital, nursing home, hospice house, or other institutional setting.

If your goal is to live out your years in the place you call home, without running out of money and without recruiting your family into service as your unpaid caregivers, a LifePlan gives you the best chance of achieving your wishes.

LifePlanning: A Clear Path to Your Goals for Retirement

Planning for retirement in the traditional way (accumulating assets + creating legal documents) helps the retirement industry meet its goals—while overlooking what matters most to you.

The LifePlanning process delivers a comprehensive and coordinated plan for healthcare, housing, financial, legal, and family issues in retirement that helps you achieve three goals:
Avoid being forced into institutional care after a health crisis.
Avoid losing assets to unplanned medical and long-term care costs.
Avoid creating unintended burdens on your family as you age.

Bridge the Gaps in Your Retirement Plan

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