70% of your clients will take their last breath in a place they don’t want to be.

Help them do better

Connect your clients to the LifePlanning, a better retirement planning system that integrates the five most important variables in the retirement equation.






Will your clients experience retirement plan failure?

In this video, elder law attorney, bestselling author, and PBS host Rajiv Nagaich talks about how older adults are advised to prepare for retirement, and how they fare when they follow that advice.

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Retirement Plan Failure by the Numbers

HOPE: Most retirees want to live out their lives in the comfort of home.

REALITY: 70% of retirees will die in an institutional setting such as a hospital, a hospice facility, or a nursing home.

HOPE: Most retirees want to avoid being a burden to their family as they age.

REALITY: 69% of older adults will rely on family members to serve in unpaid caregiving roles.

HOPE: Most retirees want to preserve some money to pass to the next generation.

FACT: A majority of Americans will lose assets to uncovered long-term care costs because they did not plan properly.

Wealth and Legal Documents Don’t Prevent Retirement Plan Failure

If your clientele includes older adults who are thinking ahead to retirement, actively planning for retirement, or already retired, you owe it to yourself to develop a deeper understanding of America’s retirement planning “system” and the way it fails older adults.

Bring the LifePlanning Retirement Planning System to your clients

Helping your clients avoid retirement plan failure has the potential to generate many benefits for you and your firm.

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