Overdose Deaths of Older Americans Quadrupled in the Past Two Decades – and Most Were Accidents

Just a few months ago here on the Blog, we brought you this troubling story about a problem called “polypharmacy” – a situation we described as “a chronic case of nationwide medication overload.” Now a new report shows just how dire the consequences of poorly-managed prescriptions can be. In our earlier Blog post published last … Read more

Financial Experts Advise, if You’re Retiring and Need a Home Loan, Get One While You’re Still Working

Are you 65 or older and still making mortgage payments? You’re not alone. Recent statistics from LendingTree show that roughly 10 million homeowners 65-plus are still paying on their mortgages – about 1 older homeowner in five. As nice as it would be to have a paid-off home in retirement, that goal remains elusive for … Read more

If You’re Updating Your Estate Plan, Watch Out for These Five Most Common Mistakes People Make

The most important bit of advice we can offer about your estate plan is to have one. The second most important advice: keep it up to date. Your circumstances will inevitably change as your life goes on, and odds are those documents you had prepared back when the senior George Bush was President could stand … Read more

Estate Planning and Unequal Inheritances: Open Communication Can Help Siblings Understand the Reasons Why

When most of us were growing up, fairness was everything. If our slice of birthday cake was a millimeter or two smaller than the slice served to Johnny or Janey, we probably had a fit and claimed, “That’s not fair!” For the majority of people, beginning in childhood, “fair” has always meant “equal.” But does … Read more

“SuperAgers” Show That a Healthy Lifestyle, Social Connections and Resilience Can Lower the Risks of Cognitive Decline

Here at the Blog, we’ve heard the term “SuperAgers” before. It turns out the notion of calling some seniors “SuperAgers” goes back at least a decade and a half, and it refers (as we’ll see below) to men and women in their eighties and beyond whose memory seems not to have diminished since they were … Read more

Subjecting Your Loved Ones to Confusion, Conflict on Top of Grief: The Ramifications of Dying Without a Will

Here on the Blog, we’ve written many times about the importance of preparing proper estate planning documents well in advance, and the need to keep them up to date as your stage of life and your family circumstances change. Through our associates at Life Point Law, we’ve heard more horror stories than we can count … Read more

Learn to Maximize Your Social Security Income by Avoiding These Seven Common Mistakes

It may be one of the most consequential retirement choices most of us will ever make, and yet many of us remain shockingly ignorant about some of the specifics involved in that critical decision. The dilemma: how to maximize the earnings we’ll enjoy from Social Security, after paying into that essential program for thirty, forty, … Read more

Medicare Lessons Learned the Hard Way: Things You Need to Know to Avoid Costly Enrollment Mistakes

Here on the AgingOptions and Life Point Law Blog, we typically put a special emphasis on Medicare-related articles during fall open enrollment. But the fact is that as many as 10,000 baby boomers every day are turning 65, which means they’re becoming Medicare-eligible for the very first time. As it happens, there are some critically … Read more