Groundbreaking Research from University of Washington Links Cataract Surgery with Lower Risk of Dementia

Despite the advances made in the last hundred years in the area of neuroscience, the human brain still contains vast mysteries that scientists and doctors work on solving every day. One recent study at the University of Washington uncovered a possible—and surprising—link between the eyes and the mind – namely, that adults who have had … Read more

New FDA Proposal is a Big Step Towards Over-the-Counter Exam-Free Hearing Aids

The idea has been tossed around for years: what if hearing aids could be purchased over the counter, without an expensive exam – sort of like reading glasses? According to this recent Washington Post article by reporter Katie Shepherd, that idea has finally taken a big step toward reality, thanks to a just-released proposal by … Read more

Study Shows Seniors Face Health Decline When They Stop Driving

Among the “hot button” issues that create conflicts between seniors and their family members, one of the hottest can involve driving. Older adults generally want to keep on driving as long as they can, enjoying the benefits of freedom and mobility. Meanwhile their adult children worry about slower reflexes, cognitive decline or increased reaction time, … Read more

5 facts about men and aging

Many of the articles on this site look at women and aging. One, women live longer. Two, women are more likely to end up in poverty and someone should do something about that. Finally, I’m a woman. I’ve got more skin in this game. Still, if that suggests somehow that men have an easy go … Read more

Trouble driving at night? Could be cataracts!

By Karen Jarstad Evergreen Eye Center If you or a loved one is bothered by glare from oncoming car headlights at night (not just the Xenon blue ones – they make everyone squint), you could be having symptoms from the early stages of cataracts. Dr. John Jarstad, board certified ophthalmologist and chief eye surgeon for … Read more

Why getting Dad to give up the keys hurts Mom

A study out of the University of Missouri found that even if just one member of a senior couple stops driving, both individuals suffer the consequences.  Because driving plays such a significant role in the American identity, the loss of independence can affect the emotional well-being of the non-driving partner.  According to the study, even … Read more

Health assessment tool lets patients with chronic conditions protect their health by being more proactive

About 80 percent of older Americans struggle with at least one chronic condition.  About 50 percent struggle with at least two chronic conditions.  But poor health doesn’t have to be a by-product of aging.  What’s more with the number of Americans 65 and older expected to double in the next 15 years, not only can … Read more

Well adult checkups

I have a new great-nephew (well kind of new since he’ll turn 1 in January) and new babies come with a list of things that they need to see the doctor for such as vaccinations, weight and measurement checks, complete physicals—the works.  But did you know that those same sort of checks occur at age … Read more

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