Is It Really Alzheimer’s Disease? Other Forms of Dementia May Be Less Common but They Are Still Devastating

We just discovered a provocative news article from National Public Radio that sheds some important light on the increasing problem of cognitive decline. “In the U.S.,” NPR reports, “older people with dementia are usually told they have Alzheimer’s disease. But a range of other brain diseases can also impair thinking and memory and judgment.” That’s … Read more

NPR Report: Doctors Routinely Test Patients for Blood Pressure and Cholesterol – so Why So Little Screening for Dementia?

We were surprised just a few days ago by a news story on National Public Radio revealing a disturbing statistic: barely one in every seven seniors is getting routine, regular screening for cognitive impairment. This is in spite of the fact that almost every primary care physician surveyed – and a huge majority of patients … Read more

Can People Find Joy Living with Alzheimer’s Disease? A Growing Number of Patients and Families are Learning How

Alzheimer’s disease is on the rise in the U.S. We’ve shared the statistics before: today about 6 million Americans live with dementia, mostly Alzheimer’s, and by 2050 that number will soar to more than 14 million. The typical narrative describes Alzheimer’s disease using familiar adjectives, such as devastating, tragic, catastrophic. But who would ever describe … Read more

“Caring, Reassuring and Sensible” – a Simple Idea to Help Comfort Your Loved Ones with Dementia

We love to run across news stories that point out how the simplest of ideas can have a tremendous impact, and that’s how we felt as we read this heart-warming article published recently on the BBC News website. As we at AgingOptions read this story we thought it would be a good one to share … Read more

Avoiding Caregiver Burnout: 9 Tips to Help You Care for Yourself, So You Can Better Care for Others

There are few tasks more demanding than caring for a loved one, especially if that loved one has dementia. Because caregiving in these circumstances is so challenging, it’s easy for a caregiver to overlook the need to take care of themselves. But as everyone knows, self-care is vitally important. How can caregivers look out for … Read more

Four Words That Can Lead to Better Brain Health: “Get Up and Move!”

It may not be a fountain of youth, but it’s a simple prescription from which practically anybody can benefit. New research has shown that physical activity helps keep your thinking sharper, even for those with limited mobility and for those already experiencing some cognitive decline. Activity Keeps Your Brain Sharper We read about this reassuring … Read more

Yet Another Study Demonstrates the Benefits of Walking to Delay – and Even to Reverse – Cognitive Decline

We’ve written about this topic before – many times – here on the AgingOptions blog, but some recommendations are just too important to ignore. Now another new study has demonstrated once again that something as simple as regular walking can delay, and perhaps even reverse, the onset of cognitive decline leading to dementia. You Can … Read more

Ask Someone Who’s Been There: 8 Things No One Tells You About Caring for a Loved One with Dementia

We’ve said it so many times, it sounds painfully familiar: there may be no tougher task than being a caregiver for a loved one suffering with Alzheimer’s disease or some other form of dementia. It’s an experience shared by more than 16 million Americans, according to the Alzheimer’s Association, who provide unpaid care day in … Read more

Is There Such a Thing as Type 3 Diabetes? A Growing Body of Research Says Yes: it’s Alzheimer’s Disease

We don’t always find relevant articles for the AgingOptions blog on food-related websites, but this one we just read on a website called CookingLight really grabbed our attention – and as it turns out, the subject is one that is attracting increasing scrutiny from health researchers. There appears to be increasing clinical evidence of a … Read more

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