What's the difference between an Elder Law Attorney and an Estate Planning Attorney?

This week Seattle-area Elder Law Attorney, Rajiv Nagaich spoke at a NAELA Conference on how the practice of Elder Law is different from Estate Planning.  As Rajiv says each Saturday on his AgingOptions Radio show, Estate Planning is “about who gets what when you die.”  In addition, Estate Planning Attorneys are looking to keep your … Read more

What is elder law?

Why is an Elder Law attorney important to seniors, people with disabilities and their families? Find out why Seattle-area Elder Law Attorney, Rajiv Nagaich thinks this fairly new area of law is important for today’s seniors. Video on what elder law is from the National Association of Elder Law Attorneys.

Should you hire an elder law attorney?

It’s been at least 10 years since every news agency in the nation began proclaiming the approaching Boomer retirement wave.  So by now you are not surprised that the fastest growing segment of Americans is the elderly.  What that means to those of us who are prone to cynicism is that there are a lot of people looking to aging individuals for their paychecks. 

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