Handling the High Cost of Caring for Aging Parents While Raising Your Kids

They’re often called the “sandwich generation,” squeezed between the costs and pressures of raising their own kids while caring for aging parents. If you’re a member of the sandwich generation, the name must seem especially appropriate. Today’s 40 or 50-year-old can very likely have parents in their 80s and kids in their teens or younger, … Read more

Battle Over the Estate of Artist Bob Ross Once Again Shows How Poor Planning Can Rob Family Members of Their Inheritance

The list of celebrities whose poor estate planning has created nightmares for their family is long and growing. We’ve read about Casey Casem, Tim Conway, Aretha Franklin, and Prince. Now we need to add the late Bob Ross – the PBS painter who coined the phrase “happy little accidents” and whose personality has created almost … Read more

In Sickness and in Health: Being Your Spouse’s Caregiver is “the Biggest Challenge Your Marriage Will Ever Face”

Most marriage ceremonies include the phrase, “in sickness and in health” – usually just after “for better, for worse.” This recent article on the website Considerable.com has opened our eyes to the fact that, for about 3.7 million men and women who are caregivers for their spouses, both those statements are being put to the … Read more

A Loneliness Epidemic: One in Three Seniors Feels Alone and Isolated, and the Health Consequences Can Be Devastating

We live in one of the most socially connected societies in history, or so the experts tell us. Facebook alone claims an astonishing 1.5 billion users worldwide, and it along with a constantly-growing collection of other sites and apps is supposed to ensure that we’ve always got a “friend” there to talk to or connect … Read more

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