If You’re Among the Millions with Chronic Foot Pain, Consider These Possible Causes – and Helpful Tips to Reduce Discomfort

Foot pain is no laughing matter. Studies show that 75 percent of Americans will experience serious pain in their feet at some time during their lives, and as many as four in ten suffer from chronic pain that limits mobility. With that as a background, we were drawn to this recent article from NextAvenue, in … Read more

In Sickness and in Health: Being Your Spouse’s Caregiver is “the Biggest Challenge Your Marriage Will Ever Face”

Most marriage ceremonies include the phrase, “in sickness and in health” – usually just after “for better, for worse.” This recent article on the website Considerable.com has opened our eyes to the fact that, for about 3.7 million men and women who are caregivers for their spouses, both those statements are being put to the … Read more

“A Uniquely American Phenomenon” – Crippling Medical Debt Puts Millions Under Severe Financial Pressure

It’s a financial burden that in other countries would be “unfathomable,” say the health care policy experts. Millions of Americans, even many with insurance, are finding themselves with “crippling amounts of medical debt.”  Those are some of the sobering phrases we found in this just-published article from The Atlantic.  It reveals that simply getting sick, … Read more

NPR Report: Doctors Routinely Test Patients for Blood Pressure and Cholesterol – so Why So Little Screening for Dementia?

We were surprised just a few days ago by a news story on National Public Radio revealing a disturbing statistic: barely one in every seven seniors is getting routine, regular screening for cognitive impairment. This is in spite of the fact that almost every primary care physician surveyed – and a huge majority of patients … Read more

Your Health Information is Being Bought and Sold Without Your Consent, Recent Investigation Reveals

As if there weren’t enough to worry about in the arena of personal privacy, now comes one more red flag. This just-published article on the Politico website reveals that companies are secretly gathering your health care information and selling it to doctors, hospitals and insurance companies, all without your consent and – for now, at … Read more

No Laughing Matter: Hoarding Disrupts Families, Endangers Health, and Costs Thousands to Remedy

Hoarding is one of those little-understood habits that people sometimes laugh about or make light of (or even feature on so-called reality television shows). But you are the adult child of a hoarder, you know the issue is no laughing matter. This article that appeared a few months ago on the NextAvenue website, written by … Read more

Anticipating Surgery in the New Year? Innovative Hospitals Are Helping Seniors Get in Shape for Better Outcome, Speedier Recovery

It’s a problem that the medical community has known about for years – and it seems they’re finally doing something about it. Next year the American College of Surgeons (ACS) is planning to launch a new, nationwide program designed to help senior patients be better prepared for surgery. The goal is a faster recovery and … Read more

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