New Research Links Poor Dental Care with Added Risk for Dementia

Everyone knows that good dental care is important. But could poor dental care actually increase the risk of dementia? Recent research says the answer may be yes. The important news for anyone with an aging loved one: oral health and brain health are interconnected. With an aging population and increasing prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease and … Read more

Try These Mental Health Tips to Manage Depression and Anxiety

Are you a senior managing depression and anxiety? If you are, then you’re hardly alone. While precise figures are hard to quantify, the CDC estimates that as many as 13 percent of seniors suffer with depression, and the figures for anxiety may be even higher. Managing depression and anxiety is a burden no one should … Read more

25% of Medicare Advantage Members Report Unexpected Costs

Medicare open enrollment begins next month, and that means those Medicare Advantage ads can’t be far behind. But do Medicare Advantage (MA) plans really bring all the “advantages” they promise? In recent years, about 40 percent of Medicare beneficiaries have chosen Medicare Advantage plans over traditional Medicare, and a large majority are reportedly satisfied with … Read more

Medical Experts Say Adults 50+ Should Get the Shingles Vaccine Soon – and This is the Only Shingles Shot Currently Approved

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly one in three Americans develops shingles in their lifetime. Every year this common yet painful disease inflicts around a million people in the U.S. alone. Thankfully, there is a highly-effective vaccine against shingles, called Shingrix, and the medical community urges adults over 50 to get … Read more

Choosing a Memory Care Facility for a Loved One with Dementia Can be a Daunting Task – So How Do You Find That Ideal Place?

Choices can be a true double-edged sword, and no one knows that better than an individual looking for a memory care facility for someone they love. There are so many options out there—and so many criteria to consider—that the decision can feel impossible. In this recent article by Theresa Sullivan Barger, an independent journalist writing … Read more

Time for Your Vaccine – and We Don’t Just Mean COVID. It’s Flu Season Again, so Here’s What You Need to Know

“With all the talk about COVID-19 vaccines and boosters, it’s easy to forget that there’s another respiratory virus poised to strike.”  That’s how this recent story on National Public Radio begins.  In her NPR report – as you might suspect – reporter Fran Kritz is talking about a familiar illness that, thanks to all the … Read more

If You’re Among the Millions with Chronic Foot Pain, Consider These Possible Causes – and Helpful Tips to Reduce Discomfort

Foot pain is no laughing matter. Studies show that 75 percent of Americans will experience serious pain in their feet at some time during their lives, and as many as four in ten suffer from chronic pain that limits mobility. With that as a background, we were drawn to this recent article from NextAvenue, in … Read more

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