Six Things to Know About Medicare Open Enrollment

So, have you started shopping yet? Not holiday shopping – open enrollment shopping. Medicare open enrollment is entering week three, not too far from the halfway mark, so your window of opportunity to shop for the right health insurance and drug coverage for 2024 will begin closing soon. You have until December 7th to evaluate … Read more

Avoid These Pitfalls When Considering a Medicare Advantage Plan

Recent data tells us that almost half of all Medicare beneficiaries have chosen Medicare Advantage plans. But why are Medicare Advantage plans so popular? Is it just aggressive marketing, or is something else happening in the Medicare marketplace that is attracting seniors to Medicare Advantage coverage? With open enrollment now underway, we’re taking time each … Read more

Time to Prepare for Medicare Open Enrollment: Some Important Facts to Know

October always makes us think of special things: the football season, the leaves turning color, and Medicare open enrollment. What’s that you say? You don’t think about Medicare open enrollment come October? Well, the fact is, if you’re Medicare eligible, you should. Medicare open enrollment is the one time each year when, without incurring penalties, … Read more

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