Can Adult Kids Be Held Legally Responsible for Parental Support? In Some Countries – and Some States – the Answer is Yes

Here at AgingOptions, we feel we’ve seen it all when it comes to relationships between aging parents and adult children. In some cases, these relationships are wonderful models of love, respect and support; in other families, plagued by bitterness and old wounds, parents and kids are barely on speaking terms or are openly antagonistic toward … Read more

Before Signing That Divorce Agreement, Make Sure Your Rights to Retirement Savings Will Be Protected

Several months ago we were reading financial columnist Michelle Singletary’s column in the Washington Post when something in the article really grabbed our attention – a reader comment buried far down in the column that set off warning bells. We felt this information needed to be shared once again with our AgingOptions blog readers. Divorce … Read more

Age Discrimination Was Outlawed in 1967, Yet It’s Alive and Well Today, New Research Finds

2017 marked the 50th anniversary of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) of 1967. That landmark piece of legislation made employment discrimination against anyone 40 years old or older illegal. But subsequent court rulings combined with often deceptive employment policies have left a majority of older workers vulnerable to unfair labor practices. Age Discrimination … Read more

AARP Report: Older Homeowners Association Members Who Fall Behind on Dues and Fees Face Increasingly Harsh Treatment

As people plan ahead for retirement, they often think about downsizing – and that often means selling the large, old family home and moving into a low-maintenance condo or a planned senior community. Those can be terrific options for seniors looking for the dream of carefree living. But be careful: that type of home typically … Read more

Best of Intentions: If You Want Your Estate to be Distributed Properly, Remember to Update Your Beneficiaries

Here’s a question: if you’ve made it clear in your will which of your heirs should inherit money from your estate, how it is possible that those funds will end up going to someone else? The answer is simple: if you’ve forgotten to update the beneficiary information on a life insurance policy, retirement plan, or … Read more

“Done Procrastinating” – How the Loss of a Loved One Looks and Feels for Those Left Behind

Here at AgingOptions we like to share articles that tell a familiar tale in an unconventional way. That was our reaction to this touching and poignant article from the Washington Post just last week. At first, we weren’t sure how applicable the message in the column, written by writer Emily Maloney, would be to AgingOptions … Read more

Your Loved One is Facing Eviction from an Assisted Living Facility. What Are Your Options?

If you live in an assisted living facility, or have a loved one who does, you’re part of a growing group of Americans – currently about three-quarters of a million – who are healthy enough to live more or less independently but need some help with activities of daily living. This assistance can take the … Read more

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