The CARES Act Says Retirees Don’t Have to Take RMDs This Year – But What If You Already Did? You Could Get a Do-Over

We’ve been getting a lot of questions here at AgingOptions about the CARES Act and how it affects retirees. “CARES” stands for Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security, and this new law’s impact is far-reaching and, in many cases, still being assessed. One of the well-publicized benefits of the new law for retirees is the … Read more

Your Health Information is Being Bought and Sold Without Your Consent, Recent Investigation Reveals

As if there weren’t enough to worry about in the arena of personal privacy, now comes one more red flag. This just-published article on the Politico website reveals that companies are secretly gathering your health care information and selling it to doctors, hospitals and insurance companies, all without your consent and – for now, at … Read more

Kaiser Health News Report: Medicare Cuts Payments to Nursing Homes Whose Patients Keep Ending Up in the Hospital

Nursing home operators across the U.S. are being put on notice by the federal government: if their residents keep winding up in the hospital for reasons that could have been avoided, Medicare plans to hit the nursing homes right in the wallet. At the same time, the feds have announced financial incentives for nursing homes … Read more

Attention Veterans: Big Changes to VA Pension Rules will “Change VA Planning Drastically,” Experts Predict

New rules just put forth by the Department of Veterans Affairs (the VA) will make dramatic changes to the Veterans Pension, a tax-free benefit paid to low-income vets who served during a designated period of war. Some planners were surprised by the change, concerned that the new VA rules, which were published September 18th and … Read more

Breaking News: President Trump Unveils Executive Order to Enhance Retirement Security. Will it Affect You?

Just last week, according to this article on the NextAvenue website, President Donald Trump unveiled a plan the administration claims will allow more Americans to retire securely.  Released by executive order, the new proposal does two things that may affect the retirement future for millions of Americans, including you. Significant Changes “President Trump last week … Read more

New AARP Survey on Age Discrimination Shows 61 Percent of Older Workers Have Experienced It Firsthand

Pick up almost any retirement-related publication these days and there’s bound to be an article about how today’s boomers plan to work well past what used to be called “retirement age.” Experts say that workers today, either out of preference or necessity, expect to work at least to age 70 or even longer, but they … Read more

Social Security Benefits are Safe, says Kiplinger – Does That Mean We Can All Rest Easy?

It seems like the rumors never stop flying: Social Security is going broke, they say, so you’d better start claiming benefits now because the program isn’t likely to be around much longer. Somebody in your circle of friends, probably your cousin’s next-door neighbor, always claims to have the inside scoop about how this benefit that … Read more

Two Senators Join Forces Across the Aisle to Push for a “Retirement Crisis Commission”

These days it seems like Democrats and Republicans seldom agree on anything. So it makes the news when two prominent Senators, one a conservative from the GOP and the other a progressive Democrat, come together to advocate publicly for a top-level federal commission to address what they call a retirement crisis in America. We discovered … Read more

Nation’s 42 Million Caregivers are Finally Getting Greater Support Thanks to New Bipartisan Law

Much has been written – but not enough has been done – about the plight of the nation’s estimated 42 million people, almost all untrained family members, who are serving as primary caregivers for a loved one with chronic health problems. Some of these are caring for children with disabilities, but many more are at … Read more

Medicare Advantage Plans Cleared to Offer Expanded Services This Fall

Starting this fall, your ride to the doctor’s office or your home-delivered meal might be covered by your Medicare Advantage plan. The same goes for that air conditioner you need to help deal with your chronic asthma or the grab bar you needed installed in your shower for safety. Indeed, the popular Medicare Advantage programs … Read more

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