“Done Procrastinating” – How the Loss of a Loved One Looks and Feels for Those Left Behind

Here at AgingOptions we like to share articles that tell a familiar tale in an unconventional way. That was our reaction to this touching and poignant article from the Washington Post just last week. At first, we weren’t sure how applicable the message in the column, written by writer Emily Maloney, would be to AgingOptions … Read more

When is it time for Seniors to stop driving?

Taking Away the Keys: Study Shows Seniors Face Health Decline When They Stop Driving   Among the “hot button” issues that create conflicts between seniors and their family members, one of the hottest can involve driving. Older adults generally want to keep on driving as long as they can, enjoying the benefits of freedom and … Read more

Unexpected Financial Emergencies Can Play Havoc in Retirement. Do You Have a Coping Strategy in Place?

As professionals who help people from all walks of life plan for retirement, Rajiv Nagaich and his team at AgingOptions deal with common questions almost all the time. One of the most frequently-voiced worries from retirees and those facing retirement involves financial emergencies and how to handle them, especially when living on a fixed income. … Read more

Can Retiring be “Dangerous”? Yes – if You Haven’t Prepared for the Changes Retirement Will Bring

Whenever you hear people discussing their retirement hopes and dreams, what’s the number one thing they seem to talk about? In our experience the answer is usually money. “I’ll retire when I can afford to,” they’ll say – or “I think my financial plan will allow me to retire next year.” This kind of one-dimensional, … Read more

Everyone Dies Someday – but Where? New Study Shows Increasing Rate of Seniors Dying at Home, Not in Hospital

If you’ve heard our AgingOptions radio program, read our blog or attended a LifePlanning Seminar, this statement should sound familiar: one of the things seniors fear most is being forced late in life into institutional care against their wishes. We would add a corollary to that statement to say that, given a choice, older people … Read more

You’re Not Ready to Retire until You’ve Answered This Key Question

So you think you’re ready for retirement? You have your financial plan in place and you’re pretty certain you know what you need to know about Medicare and Social Security? That’s a good start, but it’s nowhere near enough. Because comprehensive preparation for a fruitful retirement is what we’re all about at AgingOptions, we wanted … Read more

MarketWatch Article Recommends a “New Approach” to Retirement Planning – and it Sounds Pretty Familiar!

Here at AgingOptions, we can’t count the number of times we’ve reminded radio listeners and seminar guests that the traditional approach to retirement planning – focusing on finances and virtually ignoring everything else – is (as we say) a recipe for disaster. Sometimes we feel like a voice crying in the wilderness! So it’s gratifying … Read more

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