If the Nursing Home is Trying to Take Away a Medicaid Patient’s Stimulus Check, They’re Breaking the Law, Uncle Sam Warns

If you or a loved one live in a nursing home and receive Medicaid benefits, watch out. Some nursing homes and assisted living facilities around the country have snatched up their Medicaid residents’ stimulus checks, claiming that the facility owns that money.  But according to this Michelle Singletary column in the Washington Post, they’re wrong. That money … Read more

Crisis Corner: 5 Myths of Medicaid

Welcome to the first installment of Crisis Corner.  Since this is the first article in this series, I should introduce what Crisis Corner is.  This is a monthly article to help aging Americans understand the options that they have when things go wrong.  I specialize in helping folks who are dealing with a sudden illness … Read more

Older Americans Face Tough Choices When Planning for Long-Term Care

We once heard someone say, “Growing old isn’t for sissies.” If you’re a regular listener to our AgingOptions radio program, or a regular reader of our blog, it won’t come as a surprise to you that aging Americans face some significant challenges when planning for their long-term care. Now this article that just appeared last … Read more

Trump Administration Overhauls Policy on Medicaid Work Requirement

The Trump administration announced last week what experts are calling a “pivotal change” in the nation’s Medicaid program. For the first time the federal government is planning to allow individual states to establish a work requirement for some able-bodied Medicaid recipients. There have been a plethora of articles about this policy changed ever since it … Read more

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