Federal Law Entitles You to Your Medical Records – so Why Do Hospitals Make It So Difficult?

These days our privacy seems more and more threatened. Every few weeks, it seems, there’s a new headline about some massive security breach in which hundreds of thousands if not millions of names, addresses, passwords and credit card numbers have been leaked to identity thieves trying to make a pile of money by stealing yours. … Read more

Becoming a Loved One’s Power of Attorney is a Big Responsibility. When Can You Say No?

One of the most important legal decisions an older adult can make is to designate someone close to them to act as power of attorney (POA) on their behalf. In choosing a POA, a senior is empowering another person to make both financial and – in many cases – medical decisions on their behalf. It’s … Read more

Caregivers who Handle a Loved One’s Finances Face Higher Stress

An article just published on the aging-related website NextAvenue should be a must-read for anyone who is caring for an aging loved one or family member. It’s called “Caregiving’s Taboo Subject: Coordinating the Finances.” The story, written by NextAvenue’s Money and Work Editor Richard Eisenberg, reveals some surprising findings about how many caregivers are responsible … Read more

How do you revoke a Power of Attorney?

By the time most people get to the point that they consider going to see an elder law attorney, they’ve seen a lawyer for something else like a Will if they have kids or possibly even a Power of Attorney (POA) especially in this area with its high number of military personnel. Maybe they’ve purchased … Read more

Understanding Powers of Attorney

Powers of Attorney (POAs) are essential legal documents but they can be confusing for the layman not least because many people don’t understand that there are two main types of POAs and they function quite different from each other. A healthcare POA allows someone you trust such as a family member or friend to make … Read more

When a Power of Attorney is used fraudulently

Powers of Attorney are important documents that provide family members or others with the necessary legal ability to act as representative for individuals unable to do so for themselves.  Unfortunately or fortunately depending on the case, a Power of Attorney is a pretty powerful tool.  That power and the growing number of aging individuals in … Read more

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