Is a Reverse Mortgage Your Key to More Retirement Income? The Answer is “Maybe” – but It’s Important to Proceed with Caution.

Here at AgingOptions we’re frequently asked for our view of home equity conversion mortgages, or HECMs – more commonly known as reverse mortgages. As the pandemic has upended the plans of many older workers, forcing some to retire before they had planned to, the idea of a reverse mortgage as a way to augment retirement … Read more

Reverse Mortgage Update: Falling Home Prices Plus Insufficient Retirement Savings Make This the Time to Act

You’ve heard about it – you’ve read about it – you’ve thought about it. The idea of a reverse mortgage has been on your “retirement radar” for quite a while, but for some reason you’ve delayed taking action. A pair of recent news articles might just change your mind and persuade you that now is … Read more

Reverse Mortgages are “Underutilized,” Forbes Magazine Reports, and They Deserve a Second Look

It’s always a puzzle to us when some people seem to have the solution to their financial problems in retirement right under their noses – yet they fail to take advantage of the situation. Whether out of fear, misinformation, or sheer inertia, they shy away from the one thing that seems perfectly suited to their … Read more

It’s Not Just Seattle: U.S. Housing Market Sees “Dark Clouds,” Creating Potentially Ideal Conditions for a Reverse Mortgage

Just last week here on the AgingOptions blog, we wrote about some bad news for home sellers, and good news for home buyers, in this article recently printed in the Seattle Times.  “As sales plunge,” read the headline, “King County home inventory has biggest jump on record.” Now as we’ve dug more deeply into this … Read more

Considering a Reverse Mortgage? Softening Home Values and Rising Interest Rates Make This the Ideal Time to Act.

There was some bad news for home sellers, and good news for home buyers, in this article we read last week in the Seattle Times.  “As sales plunge,” read the headline, “King County home inventory has biggest jump on record.” For sellers and buyers alike, this increase in the number of homes for sale signals … Read more

Unexpected Financial Emergencies Can Play Havoc in Retirement. Do You Have a Coping Strategy in Place?

As professionals who help people from all walks of life plan for retirement, Rajiv Nagaich and his team at AgingOptions deal with common questions almost all the time. One of the most frequently-voiced worries from retirees and those facing retirement involves financial emergencies and how to handle them, especially when living on a fixed income. … Read more

New from Kiplinger: Take This Quiz and See How Much You Know About Reverse Mortgages

So you think you know all there is to know about reverse mortgages? So did we, until we took this reverse mortgage quiz that we found in a just-published article from the  highly respected financial website Kiplinger. This quiz was written by well-known retirement writer Jamie Hopkins, Professor of Retirement Income Planning at the American … Read more

Forbes Article Says Reverse Mortgages (HECM) are “Underutilized” – and Deserve a Second Look

Here at AgingOptions we’ve recognized for quite some time the fact that the home equity conversion mortgage – better known as an HECM or reverse mortgage – is a powerful financial tool which can be of great benefit to many qualifying senior homeowners. So we were intrigued when a column that appeared in late March … Read more

Is a Reverse Mortgage Right for You? Here are 8 Factors to Consider

In recent years there has been no shortage of articles about the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM), better known as the reverse mortgage. At AgingOptions we read these articles with a great deal of interest, since questions about these powerful but misunderstood financial tools come up frequently in our LifePlanning Seminars and on our radio … Read more

WSJ: Reverse Mortgages Becoming “More Appealing” to Younger Retirees

When the Wall Street Journal talks, people tend to listen, and that certainly applies to a subject as frequently misunderstood as reverse mortgages. A year or so ago this article appeared in the pages of this authoritative financial paper, and we have to imagine that it caused a few skeptics to sit up and take … Read more

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