If Social Security Gets Reduced in 2034, How Bad Might the Cuts Be? The Answer May Depend on Your Current Age

We’ve written several articles here on the AgingOptions blog reporting on the predictions that the Social Security trust fund is draining fast. The actual date may vary, but according to the 2020 Social Security trustees’ report, 2034 seems to be when the well will run dry. That definitely does not mean benefits will stop, but … Read more

The Newest Report on Social Security’s Solvency Will Look Familiar: Cuts are Barely Over a Decade Away Unless the Politicians Act

Periodically as we prepare articles for the AgingOptions blog, we get an overwhelming sense of déjà vu, as if we’ve read the exact same story several times before. Reports about the health of the Social Security system are a case in point. In late August the Social Security and Medicare Trustees Report for 2021 was … Read more

Social Security COLA Could Be the Highest in 20 Years – but Is That a Good Reason to Claim Early Benefits?

This week on the AgingOptions blog, we’re featuring two stories about Social Security – one filled with ominous predictions, and other significantly more optimistic. This article, based on an extensive recent report from the Detroit Free Press, contains the good news. According to the story written by reporter Susan Tompor, the 2022 Social Security COLA … Read more

Nationally-Known Economist Laurence Kotlikoff Tells Why Seniors Should Delay Social Security and Pay Off Their Mortgages

Most Americans who follow economic policy even a little have likely heard the name Laurence Kotlikoff. With degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard, and a long list of books, articles and interviews under his belt, Kotlikoff, now a university professor, has a history as a plain-talking advocate for common-sense reform covering everything from … Read more

Beneficiaries Can Celebrate the Largest Social Security COLA in 40 Years – but Don’t Expect Such a Big Jump Every Year

After months of speculation, the government has finally announced the cost-of-living adjustment, or COLA, that Social Security beneficiaries will start seeing in their January 2022 payments – and, as predicted, it’s a whopper, relatively speaking. We’ve come across a blizzard of related news articles in the past few weeks, including this one from CNBC. In … Read more

How Much Do You Know About Social Security? Check Out These Seven Surprising Statistics – Plus Some Related Advice from Rajiv

Social Security may be the biggest, most important, and least understood government program in America. If you consider the sheer amount of money the program spends and the huge number of Americans who rely on the program for all or part of their livelihood, you’d think we would all have a solid working knowledge of … Read more

Millions of Future Retirees are Asking a Big Financial Question: Will Social Security Be Enough? Experts Say, “Probably Not.”

As Americans plan for retirement, one of the pillars of their financial plan is typically Social Security. Since the 1930s this program has been the social safety net ensuring that millions of retirees would not have to live in poverty but instead would have at least some level of steady income, adjusted for inflation. But as … Read more

Want to Maximize Social Security for You and for Your Spouse? Avoid These Seven Common Mistakes

Every so often we think it’s a good idea to revisit a common topic that is both vitally important to retirees and widely misunderstood: Social Security. These benefits constitute the bulk of the income for millions of retirees, yet year after year people make mistakes that end up costing them and their surviving spouses tens … Read more

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