Families work together to solve special needs housing problems

If you think housing choices are difficult for aging adults, consider what it’s like for those same adults looking for housing options for their special needs children. 

It’s only been slightly more than a generation that the accepted norm of caring for and educating children with cognitive or physical disabilities moved to within the home and the general population. Yet, as those children reach an age where they run out of public benefits, those parents find housing options limited. Care facilities designed to care for individuals with cognitive and physical disabilities are mainly designed for the elderly rather than the young. A growing number of families are choosing to create the spaces those children need before the parents can no longer care for them and before their siblings are forced to care for both their own families and for the needs of both aging parents and special needs siblings. Here’s a story about some families that have pooled together their resources to create a home for their children.

It’s important when families with special needs children look to planning that they do so with a professional specializing in their needs so that they don’t inadvertently jeopardize their loved one’s government benefits.