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Master Your Future LifePlanning Workbook
Create your LifePlan for retirement following the step-by-step guidance in this helpful workbook. Worksheets and template simplify the process.
Master Your Future Video
Learn why retirement plans fail so often—and how you can avoid a similar fate—in this 45-minute video that originally aired on public television.
Your Retirement: Dream or Disaster?
In his new book, AgingOptions founder Rajiv Nagaich shares the profoundly personal journey that led to the creation of LifePlanning.

Free Videos

What do people who help older adults plan for retirement have to say about the Life Planning approach to retirement planning? In this video, several professionals share their thoughts.
What do people who have completed the LifePlanning Workshop have to say about their experience? In this video, one participant talks about what she learned.
Elder law attorney Rajiv Nagaich discusses a common misconception about a popular senior living option.
Master Your Future with Rajiv Nagaich was a hit on public television stations across the country, airing more than 1,400 times in all the major U.S. markets. Watch the trailer.

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