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Live Online LifePlanning Workshop

Create a plan for retirement that answers the questions financial plans, legal documents, and long-term care insurance policies can’t. This acclaimed online retirement planning workshop facilitated by Elder Law Attorney Rajiv Nagaich will help you extend the life of your retirement dreams.


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What’s Included

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Five 2 Hour Workshop Sessions

Master Your Future LifePlanning Workbook

1-on-1 Session with Rajiv Nagaich to Review Your LifePlan Blueprint

1 Year Free Access to The Portal

What You'll Learn in this Retirement Planning Workshop

In the LifePlanning Retirement Planning Workshop spread over five sessions, you will learn about the five pillars of a LifePlan, health, housing, finance, legal, and family. As a participant, you will come to understand why traditional retirement planning often yields unsatisfactory results and explore how LifePlanning addresses these shortcomings. You’ll identify common misconceptions about aging healthcare and learn strategies to reduce the risk of needing home care by 40%, depression by 56%, and disability by 33%. Techniques will be shared to significantly increase the likelihood of enjoying retirement at home without financial strain or burdening loved ones. You’ll learn how to design a financial plan aligned with personal retirement goals and minimize family and caregiver burdens. Participants will create legal documents safeguarding retirement plans and the well-being of loved ones while easing the responsibilities of appointed agents. You’ll also develop a comprehensive checklist for family discussions, clarifying roles and reducing potential burdens. Finally, you’ll integrate all learned concepts to construct a personalized LifePlan Blueprint.

Upcoming Workshop Dates

August 12-16, 2024
6:30 – 8:30 Pacific

What People Are Saying About The LifePlanning Workshop

LifePlanning helped me address the gray areas in my retirement plan, the issues that my estate plan didn’t address, and my financial planner didn’t want talk about. I’m so grateful for this process!”

– Gillian, Life Planning Workshop Participant, 2021

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