Discover the Secrets of Living Happily Ever After During Retirement

A Special Invitation from Pastor David

Saturday, September 30, 2023
2:30 – 4:00 p.m.
Westminster Presbyterian Church
32111 Watergate Road
Westlake Village, CA

Bring a friend!

Avoid being forced into institutional care
Avoid going broke paying for care
Avoid becoming a burden on your family

A Message from Pastor David

Not long ago, I became aware of Rajiv Nagaich, an elder law attorney who has been studying the topic of retirement planning for many years.

Rajiv’s research is fascinating. One fact was especially surprising: no matter how much money we save, how good our legal documents are, or how much we want to age at home, there is a 70% chance that we will take our last breath somewhere other than our home. Most of us will be forced to move after we get sick. Many of us will end up in institutional care.

Rajiv says that with the right planning, we can avoid this.

After hearing about Rajiv, I did a little digging and discovered that he is the nation’s foremost retirement planning expert and a best-selling author. I knew that I needed to bring Rajiv’s message of hope to everyone in our congregation. What you hear from Rajiv will change your life.

I hope you will join us!

Rajiv Nagaich Reveals a Surprising Truth about Retirement Planning

In this video, elder law attorney, bestselling author, and PBS host Rajiv Nagaich talks about how older adults are advised to prepare for retirement, and how they fare when they follow that advice.

Walk Away with Knowledge You Can Use Right Now to Plan for Retirement Success

At Path to Happily Ever After, you will learn:

Meet Your Presenter: Rajiv Nagaich

Rajiv Nagaich is on a mission to transform the way Americans think about, plan for, and navigate through retirement. As an elder law attorney and the architect of LifePlanning, Rajiv Nagaich is one of the nation’s most innovative and influential retirement planning thought leaders. He is host of Master Your Future, which aired on public television from 2020 – 2022, and its highly-anticipated follow-up: The Path to Happily Ever After, now playing on PBS stations nationwide, and the AgingOptions Radio Show. Rajiv Nagaich is founding partner of the Life Point Law firm in the Seattle area and Chief Executive Officer of AgingOptions, a firm that provides retirement-related education to consumers and professionals. He holds a Masters in Tax Law from the University of Washington and J.D. from Seattle University School of Law.

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