“There’s No Playbook”: Son Learns the Hard Way How Difficult It Is to Take Over the Affairs of an Aging Parent in Mental Decline

Ask someone who has been there, and they’ll tell you that caring for an aging parent in decline is one of the hardest things they’ll ever have to do. In this eye-opening article in US News, a son describes the incredible challenges he faced as he assumed control over his mother’s affairs during her severe … Read more

Battle Over the Estate of Artist Bob Ross Once Again Shows How Poor Planning Can Rob Family Members of Their Inheritance

The list of celebrities whose poor estate planning has created nightmares for their family is long and growing. We’ve read about Casey Casem, Tim Conway, Aretha Franklin, and Prince. Now we need to add the late Bob Ross – the PBS painter who coined the phrase “happy little accidents” and whose personality has created almost … Read more

Is Your Loved One’s Nursing Home Safe? Here’s How to Evaluate Its Disaster Plan and Safety Inspection Records

When a loved one moves into a nursing home, his or her family typically has a flood of questions and concerns on their minds. Chances are that the biggest single concern is, “Will my mom or my dad be safe?” There’s more to resident safety than maintaining an adequate number of properly-trained and certified staff: … Read more

Beneficiaries Can Celebrate the Largest Social Security COLA in 40 Years – but Don’t Expect Such a Big Jump Every Year

After months of speculation, the government has finally announced the cost-of-living adjustment, or COLA, that Social Security beneficiaries will start seeing in their January 2022 payments – and, as predicted, it’s a whopper, relatively speaking. We’ve come across a blizzard of related news articles in the past few weeks, including this one from CNBC. In … Read more

How to Feel Younger in Retirement: Get Creative, Stay Engaged, Live with Passion, Give Back, and Keep Growing

Are you ready for retirement? That question brings to mind the usual laundry list of preparations: the right financial plan, the right legal strategy, adequate insurance, and so on. But what if the question were, “Are you emotionally ready for retirement?” I think most of us who read the AgingOptions blog on a regular basis … Read more

New FDA Proposal is a Big Step Towards Over-the-Counter Exam-Free Hearing Aids

The idea has been tossed around for years: what if hearing aids could be purchased over the counter, without an expensive exam – sort of like reading glasses? According to this recent Washington Post article by reporter Katie Shepherd, that idea has finally taken a big step toward reality, thanks to a just-released proposal by … Read more

Do You Need a Retirement Planner or Financial Planner? Rajiv Says it’s a Distinction without a Difference!

Typically, as we scan the web for articles to feature here on the AgingOptions Blog, we look for ones that reflect our general philosophy about retirement planning. We gravitate toward articles that emphasize retirement planning as a holistic endeavor, where all the key elements have to work together in a well-integrated strategy. Those elements – … Read more

Kaiser Health News Report Spotlights Age Bias in Medicine: “They Treat Me Like I’m Old and Stupid,” Patients Say

When an older patient goes to see his or her doctor, or when they find themselves in need of urgent or long-term care, these seniors have a right to expect to be treated with dignity and empathy. Yet for millions, that’s not the case, according to this recent Kaiser Health News report.  Written by Judith … Read more

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