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To Stay Busy and Engaged, Consider These Ideal Part-Time Jobs for Retirees

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Part-time jobs for retirees are a hot topic these days. (If you don’t believe us, try entering “part-time jobs for retirees” into your search engine.) The days when “working” meant one thing and “retired” meant another seem to be gone for good. In fact, AARP research has found that well over half of American workers plan to continue working in retirement.

So, that begs the question: doing what, exactly? Some people can perhaps find part-time jobs for retirees by doing the work they used to do, only with shorter hours per day and fewer days per week. But millions of men and women find part-time jobs for retirees that are completely different from the 9-to-5 positions they left behind.

We recently came across this article from US News listing 10 part-time jobs for retirees, some you’ve probably considered while others are fresh new ideas. Reporter Maryalene LaPonsie wrote the US News article. We present it here, not because these are necessarily the “ideal” part-time jobs for all retirees, but because these ideas might prompt you to explore your options. Chances are you’ll be surprised at your available choices.

By the way, the hourly wages LaPonsie quotes are national averages. Depending on where you live, especially if you’re in a higher minimum wage state, rates will often be higher.

Part-Time Jobs for Retirees Are About More Than Income

While many dream of retirement as “lazy days at home broken up by afternoons spent on the golf course,” LaPonsie notes that spending your golden years unemployed isn’t right—or even an ideal—for everyone.

“It isn’t always about making money,” says Izzy Kharasch, president of consulting firm Hospitality Works Inc. “It’s about social interactions.”

LaPonsie offers the following ideas for some fun or interesting part-time jobs, along with the national average hourly wage data from ZipRecruiter. Let’s take a look!

Part-Time Job #1 for Retirees: Tutor

Average hourly wage: $22

LaPonsie writes, “Tutoring is one of the most retiree-friendly job opportunities available. It allows you to work how and when you want and share knowledge gleaned over a lifetime.”

Tutoring is a very flexible job; it can be either in person or online, depending on your needs or desire. Wyzant and Varsity Tutors are two online platforms that make it easy to connect with students, and jobs in tutoring cover a wide range of subject matter.

“There are many online tutoring sites where you can use your experience and knowledge to help others learn a new skill or subject – all from the comfort of your home,” says Travis Lindemoen, founder of the start-up jobs marketplace Enjoy Mondays and managing director at staffing agency Nexus IT Group.

Part-time Job #2 for Retirees: Delivery Driver

Average hourly wage: $19

Do you enjoy driving? Why not make a little money delivering packages, meals, or groceries?

A variety of apps – from Uber to Shipt to DoorDash – use independent drivers to deliver orders to customers,” LaPonsie explains. “These jobs give retirees freedom to pick up work when they want with no obligation to work specific shifts.”

Another option is Amazon Flex, a part-time delivery option where people schedule a block of deliveries that could include purchases from, groceries, or other locally sourced products. “The online retailer says its Flex drivers typically earn $18 to $25 per hour,” LaPonsie adds.

Part-time Job #3 for Retirees: Babysitter

Average hourly wage: $18

If you don’t get nearly enough time with the grandkids and you love children, consider earning some money as a babysitter.

“Some working parents need regular child care throughout the week while others simply need a babysitter for an occasional night out,” LaPonsie writes. “You may be able to find leads on these jobs through your circle of friends and acquaintances. Positions can also be found on websites such as and”

Part-time Job #4 for Retirees: Dog Walker or Pet Sitter

Average hourly wage: $15-$17

If you’re an animal lover, and especially if owning your own pets might not be feasible right now, you could consider making some cash as a dog walker or pet sitter. Best of all, these jobs are often plentiful, since finding a trustworthy pet sitter is every pet owner’s dream.

Companies such as Rover, which connect pet owners with walkers and sitters, are always looking for new workers to keep up with demand,” LaPonsie writes. “Dog walking can also double as a low-impact exercise and provide an opportunity for social interaction with other dog walkers.”

Part-time Job #5 for Retirees: Restaurant Worker

Average hourly wage: $14

Before you read past this one, thinking restaurant work might be too stressful, think again: restaurants offer all kinds of jobs, from staffing the host stand to plating desserts. LaPonsie explains, “Many older workers like the social aspect of restaurant work, but even those who are not outgoing could find positions preparing food stations in the morning before other staff and customers arrive.”

Kharasch encourages hospitality work for every personality, but his advice is to skip applying online and go the more personal route by visiting the restaurant during a slow time and asking to speak with the manager. “Let them know you are interested in a part-time position and see what options may present themselves,” he says.

Part-time Job #6 for Retirees: Groundskeeper

Average hourly wage: $16

Fresh air and exercise abound in a part-time grounds maintenance job, and some retirees just can’t get enough.

“Turns out, retired senior citizens love mowing five or 10 (lawns) once a week as a way to make supplemental income while getting fresh air,” according to Bryan Clayton, CEO of GreenPal, a company he describes as the Über of lawn care. “We have found that the better-performing vendors on our platform are over the age of 55, and many of them (are) retired senior citizens.”

He adds that the average vendor on GreenPal earns an amazing $55 per hour mowing lawns through the platform.

Part-time Job #7 for Retirees: Tour Guide

Average hourly wage: $19

Are you a bit of an armchair expert of your town, or do you wish you could learn more about your neighborhood? Consider becoming a tour guide.

LaPonsie writes, “Some say being a tour guide is one of the most enjoyable jobs for older workers. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, guides have one of the most age-friendly jobs available. These positions can make good use of retirees’ soft skills, such as effective communication.”

There may be opportunities to be a tour guide in your area, at parks, museums, and tourist sites, or with local tour companies where you live.

Part-time Job #8 for Retirees: Travel Agent

Average hourly wage: $20

A travel agent has the enjoyable task of helping families, couples, and individuals plan and book vacations to all kinds of places. And it’s often a great fit for older adults looking for extra income.

“You’ll get paid based on commissions when people book through you but retain freedom over (your work schedule) throughout the week,” Lindemoen says. “It’s worth noting too that older tourists often prefer working with agents closer in age.”

Part-time Job #9 for Retirees: Retail Clerk

Average hourly wage: $14

If working retail sounds a bit much, consider that most cities and towns have smaller, more specialized shops that could benefit from older workers who have experience in their niche, like sewing or fishing. Put your travel experience to work in a travel-related boutique, or use your creative skills in a nearby craft store. The options are endless.

“Of course, there are many positions available at big-box retailers as well,” LaPonsie adds. “For anyone who retired from a demanding career, the opportunity to greet or check out customers at a retail store can be a nice change of pace.”

Part-time Job #10 for Retirees Blogger

Average hourly wage: $33

You’ve lived a lot of life, and you likely have a lot of experience to share. If you’re ready to share some of that wisdom with others, why not start a blog?

“While many bloggers run their own websites, others may work as freelance writers and provide content to websites that are run by other individuals or companies,” LaPonsie explains, to conclude her article. “Earning money from a blog is not always a straightforward proposition. Bloggers who run their own site may get paid via online advertisers, affiliate marketing links or sponsored posts.”

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