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Create your LifePlan with the Master Your Future Workbook.

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Master Your Future LifePlanning Workbook

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Create your LifePlan with the Master Your Future Workbook.
The Master Your Future LifePlanning Workbook guides you through the process of creating a plan for retirement that coordinates health, housing, financial, legal, and family issues so you can realize the outcomes you care about most: living out your years where you choose (even if you get sick) without going broke paying for care and without recruiting loved ones into service as your unpaid caregivers.

Master Your Future LifePlanning Workbook

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Create a plan for retirement that solves the problems financial portfolios, legal documents, and long-term care insurance policies don't address.

Most Americans go into retirement thinking that a financial plan, Medicare coverage, an estate plan, and long-term care insurance will be enough to deliver their dream retirement. If your health fails, it won’t! You can have a millions in your retirement fund, but still end up forced into a care facility against your will. You can have long-term care insurance and still lose assets (or go broke) paying for care. You can have all the legal documents experts recommend and still create massive burdens (and difficult conflicts) for your family.

If your goal in retirement is to avoid being forced to move to institutional care, avoid going broke paying for care, and avoid becoming a burden on your loved ones, traditional retirement planning advice won’t deliver the results you want, but a LifePlan will. Create yours today with the Master Your Future LifePlanning Workbook.

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After reading Rajiv's book Your Retirement: Dream or Disaster, I could see that all my retirement planning efforts thus far (a large nest egg, estate planning documents, and long-term care insurance) would probably not be enough to deliver the kind of life I want for myself, my spouse, or my daughter. My parents prepared for retirement in this way, and they are in the throes of retirement plan failure as Rajiv describes it. Their health is failing and their insistence on remaining in a home they can no longer manage will likely land them in a nursing home that they can't afford unless they are spend down all their assets to qualify for Medicaid. My siblings and I are scrambling to help them, but it's hard when you live 1,000+ miles away from them. That's not the outcome I want for my retirement years, so I bought the Master Your Future workbook hoping that it would show me how to avoid burdening my daughter in this way as I get older. I was not disappointed. This workbook is a godsend. It walks you step by step through the process of creating what Rajiv calls a "coordinated plan for housing, health, finances, legal, and family issues" during the retirement years. It's the best workbook I've seen because it addresses things that never get talked about during the retirement planning process. What I like most about this workbook (and Rajiv's approach to retirement planning) is that it helped me get clear on what my true goals are for my retirement years, especially after my health fails. I want to take my last breath at home (not in a nursing home). I want to avoid ever living in institutional care. If I need care, the care comes to me. I want to have a plan to pay for that care if I need it (and not die broke because I had to be impoverished to qualify for Medicaid to pay for long-term care). I don't want my daughter to be burdened by my increasing needs as I age. I want her to have resources that she can use to oversee my care, but not deliver it. I love this workbook because it gives me a way to plan for the realities of aging that our society tells us we don't have to think about or plan for. I love my daughter and I don't want her to have to deal with what I am going through with my parents. This workbook will help me accomplish that. Thank you, Rajiv!

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