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Social Security Adjusted Payment

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Hello Rajiv, I have not received an adjusted SSA payment for my earnings for 2015, I normally receive this in November of the following year (2016) I am receiving SSA payments at present (full retirement age) but am still working thus making SS payments via my paycheck. I seem to have this issue every year and cannot get any help from SSA web portal or with a telephone agent. I have heard Rajiv Nagaich talk about this on his radio show and was wondering if he had someone I could get help from at the SSA office in Seattle. Kindest Regards Emily Lea Reed

Hi Emily;

Here’s a response after consulting with my SSA contact:

Some background:  your Social Security payment is based on your highest 35 years of work, after inflation adjustment.  Each year in November, any new work from the previous year is automatically posted to your work record.  The new posting causes an AERO (Automated Earnings Reappraisal Operation), and if the new earnings are one of your top 35 years, triggers a raise in your Social Security.

This year, the AEROs have been performed, and notices are being sent to those affected.

Watch for your notice in the next few weeks.  If you don’t receive it by January 1, it’s possible that 2015 was not one of your top 35 earnings years.  If you believe otherwise, take your 2015 W-2 into your Social Security office and request a manual AERO.

Hope this helps, and best wishes for warm and meaningful holidays.

Andy Landis, Social Security Expert

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