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6 Stories about how having a purpose will improve your life

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How do you find a purpose in the second half of your life?  Probably no other generation before the Baby Boomer generation has been so stuck on having a purpose in retirement or having a purpose-driven life or being purposeful.  Those are all important sentiments because we already know that having a purpose increases the likelihood that you’ll have a healthy, longer life.  So, here’s a selection across the web on purpose.

Ed Merck recently wrote an article for nextavenue that lists 5 tips to finding meaning and purpose later in life.

Marc Freedman founded, a program that educates and inform people about their options in the second half of life.  Each year, celebrates the contributions of older entrepreneurs by awarding a purpose prize to help those people continue in their work of leaving this world a better place.

Although scientists have known for years that having a purpose keeps people around for a longer period of time, every new study just enforces that.  This study looked at 6,000 over a 14 year period and found that even once you took into account other mortality risk factors, a purpose in life lead to greater longevity.  This article provides some tips for finding your purpose if you haven’t found it yet.  You can find more information about the study at NPR.

Here’s a TED Talk about finding purpose in prison. And finally, a TED Talk by Dan Buettner on how to live to be 100+.

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