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 Nurses and Therapists Collaborate to Help Mrs. Wilson Manage Her Illnesses, Avoid Institutional Care and Live Independently at Home with Her Husband

The Patient: Grace Wilson (not her real name) is in her late 70s and lives in Washington’s Eighth Congressional District. She suffered from multiple medical complications, including encephalopathy (brain dysfunction) and diabetes. She was living with her husband in his 80s and his health wasn’t much better. She had been sent home by a skilled nursing facility and her doctor had referred her to Gentiva for home healthcare services.
Mrs. Wilson’s Challenges:
Evaluations of Mrs. Wilson by a Gentiva nurse and both occupational and physical therapists revealed the following:
Her diabetes was out of control and her medications were not properly managed.  
She was unsteady walking on all surfaces, used a broken walker and her risk of falling meant she wasn’t safe at home. She had to crawl in and out of the bathtub.
She didn’t appear to be able to perform activities of daily living. She wasn’t eating consistently and some of her food was spoiled, a condition neither she nor Mr. Wilson noticed.
Gentiva’s Solutions
Gentiva clinicians agreed to try more conservative treatment so that she could avoid institutional care and be allowed to age in place at home.
After a physical therapy assessment, Mrs. Wilson – with her doctor’s approval – was placed in Gentiva’s renowned Safe Strides balance dysfunction program.
Gentiva treated and educated her on the management of her diabetes and her medications, as well as her nutrition.
The Outcome
Because of Gentiva’s clinical teamwork, Mrs. Wilson responded remarkably well to her treatment and was able to remain secure, confident and independent, living with her husband in the home that they have shared for so many years. Through the treatment and education provided by Gentiva clinicians, she resumed the safe performance of her activities of daily living with real independence. She walks with a new walker and does so safely on all surfaces.
 Because of Gentiva, Mrs. Wilson was able to take control of her illnesses, improve her own health status and remain living in an environment less costly to Medicare than institutional care.
For additional information on this patient or other ways that home health is providing solutions for Medicare recipients, please contact Damien Weston, Vice President, Multi-Area Sales, Gentiva Health Services, Inc.,, 253-395-0120.

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