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The Ideal Senior Housing Solution Could Be in your Own Back Yard

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The idea supposedly started with a Methodist minister in Virginia. After visiting a parishioner distraught over being forced into a nursing home, he decided America could do a better job helping seniors find alternative housing solutions. He consulted with a research center at Virginia Tech, and voila: the MEDCottage, also called the Granny Pod, was born.

You’ve probably heard of the concept. Instead of Mom or Dad (or both) being forced to move to institutional care, a growing number of seniors are moving into compact, specially-designed small houses that share property with their adult children. We ran across this article that describes the Granny Pod phenomenon.

There’s no question that alternative housing solutions will be required in the years ahead. The United States Census Bureau predicts that the number of seniors in America, estimated at 35 million in 2000, will double to 70 million by 2030. You may be among this growing legion of retirees seeking the ideal living solution best suited to their health, finances and family dynamics. In many cases, an alternative living unit custom designed for the needs of seniors and installed on property shared with loved ones could be the perfect solution.

Obviously there are several factors that must be considered, including costs and zoning ordinances. The article lists some of those considerations and also mentions companies that have gotten into the business of manufacturing these small custom living units (including at least one firm here in the Pacific Northwest). Since housing will be a primary consideration in your retirement years, you’ll want to take all options into account. This article may be a good place to start.

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