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Popular Financial Expert Shifts Her View on Reverse Mortgages

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When it comes to popular experts on financial planning, few names carry more familiarity – and more weight – than Jane Bryant Quinn. She has been a nationally syndicated columnist on financial matters for decades, writing in Newsweek and the Washington Post. She produces a regular column on finance for the AARP and has her own blog. She has written multiple books (she just published her sixth) and has appeared on countless television news programs.

So when someone of Quinn’s stature and influence changes her views about something as high profile as reverse mortgages, it makes the news. That’s what we discovered in this article just published on the trade website Reverse Mortgage Daily. It recounts a very recent interview with Quinn concerning her new book, How to Make Your Money Last, during which she discusses how her views on reverse mortgages have shifted significantly.

Frequently we encounter people who are skeptical about reverse mortgages, based on anecdotal or outdated information. But the landscape appears to be shifting as the reverse mortgage industry matures, and more and more pundits and commentators are taking a more favorable view of reverse mortgages as valuable financial tools for many seniors.

The Reverse Mortgage Daily article puts it this way: “Over the course of her illustrious career, Quinn has established herself as one of the nation’s most reliable voices for people trying to manage their money well. But it wasn’t until recently that she shifted her perception of reverse mortgages and the role they can play in retirement planning today.”

According to Quinn, one of the reasons for her new, favorable opinion of reverse mortgages is the fact that new regulations make it much safer to borrow. As she puts it in the interview, “Older people are now being protected from themselves” with tighter income requirements and other provisions that make it harder for seniors to borrow themselves into insolvency.

Now, Quinn says, she thinks a reverse mortgage can be “a wonderful hedge against inflation to give yourself future borrowing power.”

In short, Quinn states, “I am very positive about reverse mortgages, but I wasn’t always. I have taken a new view on them.”

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(Originally reported at www.reversemortgagedaily.com_)


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