Aging Options

Can You and Your Loved Ones Answer These Questions?

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  • On a scale of 1 to 5, where do you fall on this continuum?

I’m not sure or






Let me die in my own bed, without any medical intervention

Don’t give up on me no matter what, try any proven and unproven intervention possible

  • If there were a choice, would you prefer to die
    at home, or
    in a hospital?
    I’m not sure
  • Could a loved one correctly describe how you’d like to be treated in the case of a terminal illness?

Yes, or

  • Is there someone you trust whom you’ve appointed to advocate on your behalf when the time is near?
    Yes, or
  • Have you completed any of the following: written a living will, appointed a healthcare power of attorney, or completed an advanced directive?
    Yes, or

Please print this out to help aid in your discussion with your loved ones!

Note: We hope to encourage discussion through these questions. The answers you provide do not constitute a legally binding living will or advanced directive.

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