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Can you inherit a popular rewards program?

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Many airlines offer their loyal customers frequent flyer miles.

As those miles build up, customers can cash them in for additional travel.  Because they only have value for purchasing miles, many people don’t think about the fact that they still have value.  In fact, depending upon the individuals involved, frequent flyer miles may add up to thousands of dollars in free trips.  That makes frequent flyer miles a valuable asset.  But, can a beneficiary inherit that asset just like a piece of artwork or a house?

The answer is…it depends.  Some airlines allow you to do just that, some expressly forbid it (but then allow it if you contact them) and some have specific rules you need to follow to be able to do so.  Here’s an article that walks you through what you need to know about transferring miles.

Here’s a warning that if you think your miles have value, so do the thieves.  Protect your mileage like you would any other cash asset.



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