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Celebrating a grand relationship

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According to the 2012 Census, over 7 million grandchildren in America who are under the age of 18 live with their grandparents.  Most live with them in a multigenerational household but almost 3 million live with grandparents that are their caregivers.  In the ‘70s, to recognize this and other contributions that grandparents make to society, Congress made Grandparents Day a national holiday.  Marian McQuade, the woman behind the movement didn’t just want to recognize the important contributions seniors have made throughout history but also wanted to encourage young people to adopt a grandparent for a lifetime.  There’s even a national song to celebrate the day.  This year, Grandparents’ Day will be recognized on Sept. 7.

The relationship between grandchildren and grandparents helps the child understand their own families history and their role in it.  There’s a built-in relationship that helps a child receive understanding, appreciation and acknowledgement that doesn’t always exist with a parent.  Here’s a link to a story about how the lack of grandparents can harm a child’s development.  For the grandparent, having a grandchild often provides a sense of purpose, reduces depression, and keeps the grandparent active.  For a longer list of benefits to the child, parent and grandparent of the grand relationship please see this article.

Read this article on things to consider before making gifts to your grandchildren.

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