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Dumbing Down of America

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In the name of free enterprise and capitalism Nurse Practitioners in Florida seek to expand their role in healthcare because it would be cheaper than having a healthcare system led by doctors alone. Same argument made by paralegals who profess to be competent enough to assist people with divorces, estate planning, tax preparation, business entity planning and other legal matters. Truth is that an experienced para professional is likely competent to assist the public with regular medical and legal issues, but where is the line between routine matters and matters that call for the oversight of physicians and lawyers? And what then is the incentive for students to incur hundreds of thousands of school debt and an investment of years of schooling when the laws will simply allow para professionals to effectively compete with the professionals? This is an alarming trend and one that we ought not stand for. Do you want to have a paralegal fight your law suit or develop a legal strategy when he/she took the easy way out when choosing education options? Like the healthcare debate, the consumer, NOT Congress or state legislatures, will be the ones who will make that final call.  

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