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Every year 36,000 people die from the flu. Please don’t cut my readership by being one of them.

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I write annually about getting a flu shot. From the standpoint of being someone who goes out into the community a lot AND spends time with seniors and children, it makes sense for me to do all I can to keep those two populations as safe as possible. Some people cannot get flu shots. Those people are in danger of contracting the flu and becoming even more ill and I (and anyone else who chooses to be vaccinated) can cut their risk.
If it seems a bit pushy to write so often on the same topic, try to understand where I am coming from. Anyone can get the flu. Hardly anyone dies from it. Except seniors. Every year 90 percent of the deaths related to flu are seniors. Of those who end up in the hospital because of the flu, between 50 and 60 percent of them are seniors. Yet, while most things in life aren’t free, Medicare provides free flu shots. Protect your assets and your health by being one of the millions of Americans who choose each year to become vaccinated.  Please.

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