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Financial help available for caregivers

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The term sandwich generation has been around since the 80s to refer to the segment of the middle aged population acting as caregiver for both younger and older generations.  There are now 10 million individuals 50 and over caring for one or more of their parents.  The financial impact to retired baby boomers on fixed incomes or boomers working part-time while caring for family members is that in the latest census, 48 percent of the population was listed as poor or low income.

A partial listing of available federal, state or local resources include:

  1., a website for locating medicare rx extra help, health care, prescription drugs, food, utilities and more.
  2. provides assistance with programs such as Medicaid, SSI, Medicare Savings Program and more
  3. provides a free discount prescription drug card that can help users save up to 80 percent.

Support groups, religious organizations, social service organizations, pharmacies, doctors and your local Aging and Disability Resources are all places to start looking for help.  Go to here for more information or read more at Aging Options to find ways to protect your current assets.

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