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Health Care Bill (HR 3200) – Truth

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In the name of the country, political opportunists on both sides are distorting the provisions contained in the health care Bill (HR 3200). Both sides bent on scaring consumers of their points of view into believing something that is not true. 

On the Left you have the debate which suppresses the critical issues of health care: who will administer the health care benefits under the so called public option? What impact will the public option have to the health insurance industry? 

On the Right you have pundits scaring people into believing that the proposed Health Care Bill contains provisions making euthanasia legal and health care rationing a reality. Poppy cock to both.

Personally, I am very happy with my health insurance – because I am able to afford it. To individuals like me a change is not necessarily warranted, at least not today. However, to those who have to declare bankruptcy or seek divorce as a measure to protect their assets from devastating health care costs, not to speak of the uninsured who cannot seek the services of the medical providers, the system is totally broken and needs to be changed. No matter which side of the debate you fall on one thing is clear that something has to be done – sooner or later. 

But having self serving political operators trying to scare the public to adopt a particular view point is as unpatriotic as any act an American can engage in – especially when they do it in the name of God and Country. Shame on all of them!

We American’s are touted to be amongst the most literate electorate in the world. Why then do such operatives exist? Because they can count on the fact that few of us will take the time to read the Bill ourselves. They know that majority of the electorate would much rather rely on those who seem to sympathize with our personal moral compass and general life attitudes to spoon feed us the news so we may be educated on the subject. Make no mistake, those who are telling the public that the Bill is calling for euthanasia or health care rationing to be part of our health care system are twisting the Bill. As are the proponents of the Bill who are parading it to be the ‘be all end all’ solution to fix our nation’s health care troubles. 

I do not agree with many provisions of the Bill and yes it can and should be improved. But I am incensed by those who are being less than honest about the content of the Bill. The honest debate is whether the system needs to be changed at all or not. It is an insult to intelligent Americans for those with the bully pulpit to pick small parts of the Bill, distort the meaning or content and present it as the Truth. That is not a conservative value or a liberal value any American can or should be proud of. 

Following my own advice I dish out freely, which is – do not wait for others to do the right thing, do it yourself, I took time to read the specific section of the Bill that is supposedly advocating euthanasia and health care rationing. 

But I do not wish to give you my take on it. Rather I would have you go read the proposal yourself and make up your own mind. And if you wish to share your thoughts after you have read the Section I would invite your comments back via email at or on the air next week. 

You can call my office to obtain a copy of the entire Bill or a copy of the specific Section which discussed the consultation issue. Or you can go to yourself and link to the information. I hope that you will take time to read for yourself the issue before making up your mind. It is a five page section and will take about 20 minutes of your time to read. 

To read a copy of the proposed legislation go to:

Click the link to read the text of  SEC. 1233. ADVANCE CARE PLANNING CONSULTATION.

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