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Hoping to Age in Place? Nine Home Renovation Tips to Consider

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Most active seniors would prefer to stay in their own homes as they age. It’s called “aging in place,” and it’s a great idea – but it requires planning, and probably some remodeling, to make sure your home is both safe and livable both now and in your future years.

For many seniors, the alternative to aging in place may involve being forced into institutional care against their wishes. That’s something no one wants! So how do you plan for the improvements that will make your home livable ten, twenty or thirty years from now?

This recent article (link here) from provides some helpful information about renovating your home to make it an ideal place to grow older and life safely and happily. It points out how the principles of “universal design” can make your home suitable for residents of any age – not just for seniors. In other words, the same renovations that make your house suitable for retirees today also make it a comfortable home for future buyers, no matter how old they are.

Some of the renovations suggested in the article may be relatively complex and costly – such as relocating or remodeling a bathroom. Others, like replacing door knobs with levers, are far simpler and less expensive. But for many seniors, remodeling their own home to age in place may be less expensive and more satisfying than selling your home and moving.

We have more helpful insights to guide you into the right housing choices when you retire. Click on our Age in Place archive to see several articles on the subject of remaining in your home as you age. We also invite you to attend one of our Life Planning Seminars, taking place at locations all around the Puget Sound area. Click on the Upcoming Events tab on our website for the next Life Planning Seminar in your area.

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