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Housing choices can be overwhelming if you wait

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 “Move by choice rather than by crisis.”

It used to be that the choice of where you wanted to age was pretty simple.  You could choose to remain at home, move in with a family member or go to a nursing home.  Aging, if it ever was simple, isn’t any more. 

This isn’t your father’s old age to paraphrase an old expression.  The options can be overwhelming.  That’s why it’s important to begin the process of looking at where you intend to spend your last days early on because even the old choices have gotten kind of complicated.

Take for instance the concept of staying at home.  Sounds simple except how does that look?  Does it refer to the current home you’re living in, a different home you’ll have time to create memories and friendships in, or does it involve having a child or other family member move in with you?  If you stay in your current home, what changes need to be made to make it safer for you to remain or does your home already make safe aging possible?  Will you hire someone to care for you, become part of a village concept and pay a fee for services or join formally or informally with your neighbors to care for each other?  If the people in your neighborhood move or die, will you still want to live in that neighborhood?

These are a lot of questions.  Then you add on things like transportation, meals and costs and suddenly the world opens up to a dizzying amount of information.  Here’s a New York Times story on what choosing a home means as we age.

For additional information on housing options:

Or ask for our white paper on CCRCs (Continuing Care Retirement Communities) by emailing us at

Other options include Adult Family Homes, Independent or Assisted Living Facilities, and Adult Communities.  Please visit our website for additional housing stories but whatever you do begin the conversation today about what retirement looks like from the housing point of view because if you wait until you can’t wait any more, you’re options are likely to be very much limited, costly and likely less than what you hoped for.

Sometimes the hardest part of starting something is starting something.  If you need help assessing your current and future housing needs, determining if you must move to remain safe or have other housing questions, consider hiring a geriatric care manager to come to your home and do an assessment.  If you are interested in hiring a geriatric care manager, contact us at 1-877-76-Aging.



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