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Location, location, location.  That quote is a familiar refrain from the real estate world but you might hear it from your financial advisor too.  Financial professionals aren’t talking about a piece of property though.  They’re talking about asset location.  Social Security, Roth IRAs, traditional IRAs all require a strategy to help keep your taxes at their lowest, increase your benefits and reduce the chance of running out of money.   A good financial advisor can show you how to plan your withdrawals from your retirement accounts to delay your Social Security claiming (thereby increasing the size of your benefit) and keep your withdrawals in the lowest possible tax bracket.  Here’s an Investment News article by Mary Beth Franklin about minimizing your taxes.  On Saturday, Jeff McKay with McKay Wealth Management will be Rajiv’s guest to talk about strategies that he uses with his clients.  Please join Jeff on KIRO/KTTH from 11 to noon.

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