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LONELINESS: The Invisible Epidemic

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We have said repeatedly, on our website and in our radio broadcasts, that aging should be a family affair. After all, aging is not an option – but how we age is! And in our quest for independence, it is essential that we avoid the trap of loneliness.

Here’s a startling fact, explained in this article by the well-known Dr. Sanjay Gupta on the website new research suggests that loneliness and social isolation can pose as great a threat to one’s health as obesity or even substance abuse. Doctors and researchers have discovered that loneliness can actually affect how our genes function in our bodies. One example of this is how loneliness affects our cognitive abilities: loneliness is associated with a far more rapid rate of cognitive decline among isolated senior adults than among their more socially involved peers.

So as the article suggests, if you want to avoid physical and mental decline, and the burden that decline can place on your loved ones, it’s vital that you stay connected. Get out and socialize! This article also includes helpful tips you can employ if you suspect that a senior friend or loved one is lonely or isolated. By reaching out, you might literally be saving your friend’s life – or at least improving his or her quality of life.

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