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Satisfaction in married life begins with the wife

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You’ve heard that expression “when Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy?”   Jeff Foxworthy made the expression a household phrase but it turns out it’s not just funny… it’s true.  Researchers found that in relationships amongst older married couples, the wife’s satisfaction with the marriage directly reflected in the husband’s satisfaction but the relationship doesn’t work the other way around.  Researchers with the study suggested that several reasons might exist for it.  The first is that men are less vocal whether they are happy or not so that his unhappiness may not be translated to his wife.  The second reason for the results, they believe, is that when women are happy, they tend to do more for the husband.  The reason all this might be important is that marital happiness creates a buffer that helps couples weather poor health conditions and the stress related to caregiving.  Older couples in happy relationships also found more satisfaction out of life than those who were unhappy.  Here’s the original story.

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