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‘Ware the Robocall.  It should be the name of some bizarre horror film but instead it’s a warning to seniors about yet another scam.   Robocalls are the automated calls you receive from political candidates or telemarketing companies. Some of them sound personalized.  Nearly all of them are a waste of your time but some of them are worse than that because they are looking to scam you.  That’s the case with a new call falsely claiming that AARP is providing “free” medical alert devices (it’s not).  Another one that AARP is reporting this week appears to have live individuals handling the phone and they claim that the U.S. government requires you to verify your personal information in order to continue participating in AARP-related services (it doesn’t).

Older people get scammed a lot.  They don’t like to be rude and just hang up on the person intruding on their lives and they often make the mistake of thinking that they can get rid of a time wasting caller by agreeing to services or providing information.  It doesn’t work that way.  If you provide them with anything, they’ll just annoy the daylights out of you and worse yet, they are likely to cost you money you haven’t budgeted for throwing away.  Do yourself a favor and keep up with the most current scams, share information about scams with your family and friends and never provide scammers with personal information (including your name).

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