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Talking to your parents about money

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My mom is a math whiz.  Or at least in my family of math-phobic or at least uninterested she seems like a math whiz.  She got her degree in math, worked for a bank for years and, despite three kids and a husband who don’t appreciate the bottom line like we ought to, managed the household accounts.  So I have some obvious reluctance to talk to either of my parents about their financial situation but I’ve been weighing whether or not it might be time to do exactly that.  It’s not that I’m seeing anything indicating that their finances are in trouble it’s that so far so good and I’m worried that one day that won’t be the case.  Unlike my mom, unwrapping where something went financially wrong would take me some time and I might not have the time to take to do so.  My family is long lived and my parents are just about 70 so I’d like to believe they have at least another decade or so before any concern is warranted but still it will probably take me ten years or so to work up to the point of sticking my nose in their financial business.  Which is precisely the point.  Most of us would consider butting in to someone else’s financial life to be ridiculously nosy.  However, if you still have parents, the reality is that at some point you will have to do precisely that.  Here’s some suggestions from the Huffington Post

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