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What would it cost, if you had to pay for a mom?

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What’s a mom worth?  Two websites think they’ve calculated her value based on the jobs she performs.  You might be surprised that between the two sites, the value of a mom runs anywhere from $62,985 and $118,905 a year. and both put out calculators each year meant to provide some insight into the value that moms inject into our lives.  Those numbers break out the amount of time spent on a type of work and the cost per hour that the job averages to place a monetary value on what a mom does each year.  It’s all a bit tongue in cheek because as we all know the more skills a person has or the more available they are, the more value they have to the organization.  If you’ve ever spoken to someone whose mother is no longer alive or to someone whose mother never should have been a mother, the actual value of mom is somewhere closer to priceless.  Still, the value of such exercises is in their ability to open our eyes for just a moment and recognize the importance of someone important.  To all the mothers out there, thank you for being a mom.  You’ve helped to make us who we are.  And that’s a job without a salary level anywhere.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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