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You don’t need to be rich to have a good retirement

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Traditional retirement planning advice says that if you have enough money, everything will be okay. Money gives you the means to solve any problem, right?

This sounds good in theory, but it often fails in practice. The tragic stories of people like American Top 40 DJ Casey Kasem, singer Glen Campbell, and actor/comedian Tim Conway demonstrate that having millions of dollars on its own isn’t enough to keep a person out of institutional care or from becoming a burden on loved ones.

Here’s the thing most people don’t realize: You don’t have to be rich to fund a successful retirement. What you need is the right plan.

The right plan includes a more than just estate planning documents and a well-funded portfolio. It includes a plan for how your money will be used when your health fails. The right plan specifies where you will live in the event you get sick. It includes provisions for the care you need to be brought to you, without recruiting family members to serve as unpaid caregivers. The right plan protects your nest egg from being decimated by uncovered long-term care expenses and protects your family from the burdens created by your need for care.

Without the right plan, you will find it difficult (if not impossible) to have a life aligned with your expectations.

What good is having a fortune if that money can’t be used to in a way that protects the qualify of life you’ve come to expect?

The attorneys and financial planners we trust to help us plan for retirement aren’t equipped to address these health, housing, and family issues. That’s why you have to take matters into your own hands. Are you ready to create the right plan for your retirement years?

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