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With Required Minimum Distribution from Most Retirement Accounts Mandatory After Age 73, Here’s a How-To on RMDs

If there’s one aspect of retirement that seems to be a constantly-moving target, it’s the topic of RMDs – required minimum distributions. The RMD is Uncle Sam’s way of forcing retirees to start pulling dollars out of those tax-deferred retirement accounts like the 401(k) and 403(b) accounts offered by many employers. The amount of money … Read more

Should You Use a Reverse Mortgage to Help Fund Retirement? The Answer is a Definite “Maybe”

It has been a while since we addressed the topic of reverse mortgages here on the AgingOptions Blog. This type of mortgage, also called an “HECM” (which stands for home equity conversion mortgage), can be a potential game-changer for retirees who need a steady flow of tax-free income. But there are downsides to reverse mortgages … Read more

Investopedia: Are We in a “Baby Boomer Retirement Crisis”? That Depends on Which Boomers We’re Talking About

We’ve been hearing the dire predictions for years now: Baby Boomers are heading for a looming cliff, usually referred to as a retirement crisis. With the oldest boomers now hitting 75 and the trailing edge within a few years of age 60, this huge cohort is supposedly reaching retirement age en masse at the rate … Read more

Inspired by the Pandemic: Consider This Checklist as a Starting Place to Get Things in Order and Protect Your Estate

Among the lessons learned during the COVID pandemic – too often learned the hard way – is the imperative to prepare ourselves for the unexpected. Three years ago, few people could have predicted the upheaval triggered by lockdowns, illness, and, tragically, premature death.  In this 2022 article from the Kiplinger financial website, financial planner Ron Brown urges that we … Read more

Short-staffed and Fearing a COVID Resurgence, Washington State Nursing Homes are Still In a “Crisis Mode”

It may be hard to recall that, in the memory of many Americans, the COVID pandemic seemed to begin in a Kirkland, Washington, nursing home. In early 2020, news reports began circulating about the coronavirus causing devastating illness and death among the vulnerable population in America’s long-term care facilities, beginning here in the Pacific Northwest. … Read more

How Men Adapt to Being Solo Agers: 3 Steps to Take to Stay Connected, Be Prepared, and Fight Off Loneliness

According to a 2020 study by Pew Research, Americans age 60 and older are far more likely than their worldwide counterparts to live alone.  In the U.S., 27 percent of people 60 and older are living solo, compared with an average of just 16 percent worldwide. Based on Census data, that’s almost 14 million seniors. … Read more

MarketWatch Article Says Picking the Right Financial Adviser is the Most Crucial Retirement Decision – but Is It?

Every few weeks or so here at AgingOptions, we come across articles that promise to reveal the True Secrets of Retirement Success. This one, which we just found a few weeks ago at MarketWatch, is no exception. According to MarketWatch contributor Mark Hulbert, the single most important thing you can do to ensure retirement success … Read more

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